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We've been promising them and now they are finally here! is proud to present our preview screenings! We have tons of screening passes for selected titles that we are going to be offering to you just for signing up with TheCinemaSource.

Here's how it's going to work: You'll be notified, via email, of our exclusive special movie screening. You'll be one of the first to catch this exclusive offer! But wait, there's a catch. (There's always a catch isn't there?) Only official members of will be eligible to participate in our screenings, so that means you have to become a member before you can go to the screenings! Becoming a member is free of charge and requires only that you fill out the information below and submit it to us. In the past few months, many of you have signed up for our Free Preview Screenings and have probably enjoyed a couple of screenings by now. The good news for you guys is that since you are already signed up with us, you are already eligible for another screening. The screenings are, of course, absolutely Free.

No more catches folks, that's it! So go ahead and scroll down to the data entry form and sign up with, today.

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